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What Causes Back Pain?

Muscle or Ligament Strain

Frequent heavy lifting or sudden awkward movements can strain your back muscles and spine, causing painful back muscle contractions.

Ruptured Discs

Your discs, which act as cushions between the spinal bone, can rupture and compress adjacent nerves, causing immense back pain.


Your bones can become porous and brittle causing your spine’s vertebrae to develop compression fractures. This leads to back pain.


Osteoarthritis can affect the joints in the lower back and hips. When arthritis affects your spine, the space around the spinal column narrows, leading to a condition called spinal stenosis.

Skeletal Irregularities

As you get older, your spine starts to curve to the side, especially when you have a poor posture. This is a condition known as scoliosis which causes back pain.

How Can Physiotherapy Help Treat Back Pain?

Active Therapy

Our physiotherapist will take you through a series of exercises that’ll strengthen your back and reduce pain. You can also do some of these exercises at home.

Manual Therapy

Depending on your specific condition, our physiotherapist may use some hands-on techniques to relieve your back pain. They use slow, gentle movements to stretch your spine and return your back to its normal position.

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