Everything You Need to Know About Pregnancy and De Quervain’s Syndrome

Everything You Need to Know About Pregnancy and De Quervain’s Syndrome


“Mommy Thumb” also known as De Quervain’s Syndrome is a condition that causes inflammation of the tendons in the thumb. This could result in acute pain and can sometimes limit the mobility of the hand. It is a condition that is common among new mothers because of the position of the thumb while the baby is being held. The condition shouldn’t be a cause of concern as it is something that a physiotherapy Richmond Hill can easily provide relief for. Prevention is crucial for the condition so that you don’t have to go through the inconveniences that it causes.


It could be impossible to avoid the condition as you’ll need to lift the baby from time to time. There are some common techniques that will come in handy to reduce the risks of De Quervain’s Syndrome.

Lifting the Baby Differently

If you’d like to stop the irritation and the discomfort, one of the things you could do is to change the way you lift the baby. You can scoop the baby from the bottom instead of trying to lift under the arms. Doctors advise to always keep the palms of the hand up. This is helpful as it evenly redistributes the pressure.

Take Note of the Breastfeeding Position

There are some nursing positions that could exert pressure on your wrist. This could make things worse if there is already the presence of inflammation. A good number of new mothers will find breastfeeding to be an irritating endeavor.

Rest The Wrist

Frequenting icing of your wrist can help with pain relief. There are also over-the-counter medications that you could try out although that is not recommended if you’re looking for a long-term solution to the problem. Before you can explore the idea of taking medication, you should provide ample time that is necessary for the wrist to heal. The use of smartphones and other electronic devices should be limited as it could make the condition worse.

See a Doctor

If the pain becomes unbearable, you’ll have no option but to see a doctor. The inflammation could be a manifestation of an underlying medical condition. You don’t want to take chances, especially when you have a newborn to take care of. The doctor could provide an array of treatment solutions depending on the severity of the condition.


Physiotherapy has been known to be effective for pain relief. You’ll not have to worry about side effects as the therapies are noninvasive. The only challenge that you might have to go through is getting the right physiotherapist. You first need to make sure that the provider is experienced with your particular condition. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in case something is not clear or needs to be clarified. De Quervain’s Syndrome is a manageable condition that you shouldn’t interfere with the quality of life. At Awesome Physiotherapy of Richmond Hill, our focus is to ensure that you’re experiencing relief for your condition. For more information on De Quervain’s Syndrome, you can check out https://awesomephysiotherapy.com/richmond-hill-physiotherapy/

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